The Eighth of the Top Eight supplements for an Acute Concussion

Curcumin is found in the Indian spice turmeric used in curry and has been shown to have numerous mechanisms that protect and help the brain heal from injury. Curcumin acts not only as an anti-oxidant in the brain but also as an anti-inflammatory. The form of curcumin is very important; it needs to be the BCM-95® form or a nanoparticle form for optimal absorption and results.

Although this is the last supplement on my current list of The Top Eight Supplements for Acute Concussions, there are numerous other supplements with a growing list of research that can be used. This list includes activated B vitamins and vitamin D to N-Acetyl Cysteine and resveratrol.


Seventh Top Concussion Supplement On My List

Lipothiamine is a special form of thiamine or Vitamin B1. It is a fat soluble form of B1 and therefore can enter cells without any energy being expended by the cell. This is incredibly important because of the major energy crisis occurring in the brain of the TBI patient, regular water soluble thiamine (B1) typically needs energy to cross the blood brain barrier and enter cells, but fat soluble lipothiamine does not.