Intro to my Newest Concussion Article about the Top 8 Supplements for an Acute Concussion

It has been nearly two years since I wrote my first article about the nutritional treatment of concussions. In that time I still haven’t heard one mention in the mainstream media about any type of treatment for concussions, only talk of prevention and diagnosis. Please, don’t get me wrong, I think prevention is the best medicine, and determining if someone has actually sustained a concussion is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, people will continue to get concussions and nutritional and other treatment protocols that are already being used successfully need to be brought to light in the mainstream media. As mentioned in my first article, a large amount of the research relating to my recommendations is from animal studies with the rest from human research and individual patient experiences. This article will discuss the prevalence of head injuries, the immediate and subsequent damage occurring in concussion and more severe traumatic brain injuries, and my top 8 nutritional supplements to start using as soon as possible.


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