More Concussion Info From Dr. Carrick’ s Interview for Official Karate Magazine

Dr. Rubenstein: Since the traditional medical community has no specific tests such as MRI’s for concussion, how do you personally diagnose and understand what is happening in a patient with a concussion?

Dr. Carrick:
We do utilize MRI and other specialized imaging tests in association with sophisticated tests of memory, verbal and auditory testing similar to the types of tests other specialists use in concussion. But we go further with functional testing of the brain that includes measurements of the speed and accuracy of eye movements. These are really windows of brain function and now we have the technology to measure them exactly. We also measure balance and the center of pressure of the person’s whole body when they do a variety of things to stress their brains. For example, we have people do math and see if their center of pressure or stability changes. We have one of the best concussion labs in the world and it takes us several hours to complete the testing that allows us to help people. The development of advanced computerization of diagnostic testing allows us to do better job now than we ever could have done in the past and we hope to be able to learn and develop more in the future.


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